Oasi di galbusera bianca

Agriturismo Bio di Charme

The Galbusera Bianca Biodiversity Oasis is formed of Agriturismo Bio di Charme, a delightful organic farm stay facility, the Osteria Bio restaurant that serves natural cuisine and seats 120, and the Locanda Bio that accommodates 30 guests, furnished with salvaged timber, all located in a medieval hamlet of five farmsteads dating back to the 1300s, all renovated using bio-architecture techniques. Its biodiversity makes it a WWF Oasis and it is located right in the heart of Lombardy, only 20 km from Lake Como and 40 km north of Milan, in the Alta Brianza area heading towards Lecco; it is also an organic and biodynamic farm growing vegetables, fruit and medicinal herbs.

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Контакты Фермы Agriturismo Bio di Charme Via Galbusera Bianca 2 23888 Rovagnate 039/570351 info@oasigalbuserabianca.it
  • допуск с животными
  • номера для людей с ограниченными возможностями
  • принимаются кредитные карты
  • наличие семейных номеров
  • прокат велосипедов
  • парковка
  • многоязычный персонал
  • фен
  • Предоставление детской кровати в номер
  • ресторан
  • общая комната отдыха/ ТВ зона
  • ежедневная уборка
  • игровые площадки для детей
  • терраса/ солярий
  • продажа традиционных товаров
  • wifi
  • интернет/ wifi
  • Total Rooms: 10
  • Beds: 30
  • Min. Price: 60
  • Max. Price: 120

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